Q: What are the advantages of air drilling?

Drilling with air is an under-balanced situation versus using drilling mud which produces an overbalanced situation in the borehole.  The pressures created in the borehole while using air are less than the natural formation pressure.  By not filling the surrounding formation of the borehole with heavy drill mud a well drilled with air develops quicker, produces a cleaner and more efficient well that lasts longer.

Q: What to consider when deciding on whether to have a water well drilled on your property?

Understand there are no guarantees there is water beneath every property.

  • Know your legal description (Section, Township, and Range) and resource the Kansas Geological Survey website (www.kgs.ku.edu). Here you will be able to look up the well logs for your area.  This will also help tell the depths and results in your area.
  • Talk to your neighbors about their experiences.
  • Contact your County, City and State Agencies about regulations and permits.
  • Make sure you find a reputable and reliable water well driller with years of experience and knowledge in your area.


Water Well Completion Records (WWC5) Database