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Summer 2024 Well Pricing


  • City of Wichita well permit. $150
  • Sedgwick Co well permit. $50
  • Andover, No permit.


Drill 12” borehole with air, install 5” PVC casing, gravel pack and grout well:

  • East side of Wichita – $40/ft (100’ minimum charge – $40/ft x 100’ = $4,000)
  • Andover, Benton, Rosehill – $42/ft (100’ minimum charge – $42/ft x 100’ = $4,200)

Develop well to determine specific capacity and test chlorides. $295

Pump Installation

Install 1HP Franklin Electric 230V 20GPM stainless steel pump and Franklin Electric
motor in well. $1250

One year parts and labor warranty, East Wichita Well. Three
year manufacturer’s warranty on pump and motor for manufacturing
defects. Warranty does not cover, lightning, electrolysis, running pump dry
and hooking pump to drip irrigation.


I drill with air so my borehole is cleaner, a cleaner borehole creates a well
that produces more water, lasts longer and is more efficient than a well
drilled with water. Everyone else uses water which turns to mud while
drilling clay and plugs off the formation.

Important Information

After I am finished you will need to hire electrician to bring 230V power to
well and a sprinkler guy to hook well to sprinkler system.

My rig weighs 64k lbs. Well needs to be clear of overhead trees. I prefer to
not drive on concrete. The drilling process is wet can cause some mud.

Pricing subject to change.

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