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Pump Repair

Reliable well pump repair services you can count on.

water pouring from bottleOwning a home is part of the American dream, but if that home utilizes an on-site well for water, things can quickly go awry (often when you least expect it).
You depend on your well for your main source of water, and if your water pump fails, you can depend on East Wichita Well & Pump Service to get it operational again in no time.
No matter if your pump has come to a screeching halt or is just not as efficient as it once was, our highly trained well pump repair service professionals can quickly and accurately diagnose the problem.
When it comes to Wichita well pump repair companies, there’s a reason more local residents choose East Wichita Well & Pump Service to get the job done right.
Call us today for(316)644.1401 a free estimate or to find out more about how we can help. We’d love to hear from you.

Well Pump Services

• Onsite diagnostics and troubleshooting
• Removal of the well pump for inspection and breakdown
• Disassembly, inspection and testing of pump
• Professional cleaning of well pump, components and parts
• Fabrication, repair and/or rebuilding of the pump if necessitated
• Reassembly
• Delivery and installation of the pump if needed

Well Pump Repair Service

Well pumps are generally reliable, providing you and your family with much-needed water for baths, showers, cooking, washing clothes and more. Having on-demand water isn’t just convenient, it is an essential aspect of our daily lives. Which is why well pump failure is such a big deal.
At East Wichita Well & Pump Service, we know just how big of an inconvenience being without your pump can be. If your pump has stopped working or just isn’t performing as it should, give us a call today and we’ll send our talented Wichita well repair service specialists out to find out what the issue is.
We know well pump repairs are often an unexpected expense and that many residents worry about well pump service costs. Rest assured that our team will provide you with cost-effective solutions and if repairs or replacement is necessary, that we’ll charge a fair rate for services rendered.

Signs You May Need a Well Pump Repair Service

While the underlying cause of the issue will need to be addressed by a professional, there are a few tell-tale signs and symptoms that your pump may be failing.

Keep an Eye out For:

  1.  Low water pressure
  2.  Intermittent cycling – pump turning on and off for no reason
  3.  Short cycling – pump turns off too quickly providing an insufficient volume of water

Well Pump Replacement

Our team will always work to find a solution that is within your budget and needs. Often, simple repairs can save you the cost of a new replacement pump. However, when the pump is no longer salvageable or not worth the investment in parts and labor, a well pump replacement might be your best option.
In the event that a new pump is necessary, we’ll be able to help you select the right pump based on factors such as:

  •  Your home’s electrical output
  •  Your family’s water usage and habits
  •  Budget; and more

Don’t Let a Bad Well Pump Leave you High and Dry

Nothing lasts forever, not even your well pump. If your pump has been acting up or has outright refused to pump water, give us a call today 316-644-1401. Our fast, friendly and reliable team can be on-site fast to fix the problem.